Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? Or read the book? Julie Powell became an internet celebrity with her 2004 blog recording her yearlong adventure cooking every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I am taking on a similar challenge, only I am blogging my way through a very healthy cookbook! And I will learn to master the art of healthy cooking! The book is called Eat For Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. I will cook every recipe start to finish in four weeks just as they are laid out in the book. I will write about the recipes, show you pictures, and tell you how my SAD (Standard American Diet) eating, carnivorous husband likes them too. (See archives below.) He is behind me 100%!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eat to Live/ Day 1

Welcome to Eat to Live alive and in color!! dThanks for the great comments! I'm happy to be doing ETL too. It will be cool to see it come alive and in color!! I've read the book so many darn times--it's time to take action now! We have found that Dr. Fuhrman's portions sizing in his books are really pretty huge! I love this because you really get to eat a lot, and you are filled up! Through the 30 days of Eat for Health Haze and I both lost weight (7 pounds for me, about 15 for Haze) and never even measured any portions--we just ate what we wanted. We are lucky to have found Dr. F! So here is what I made yesterday.
A Gathering of Vegetables (that is my title!)
Tasty Hummus
Strawberry Freeze
A Gathering of Vegetables. The first recipe was not really a recipe. In the book Dr. Fuhrman just sort of mentions for a quick meal that "greens taste great with onions, garlic, mushrooms, and stewed tomatoes." So that is what I made! I sauteed the onions in a tsp of olive oil (plus about 2 T of water later so it would not dry out), added zucchini, mushrooms, garlic and cooked it a bit--then dumped in 2 big cans of San Marzano tomatoes and 2 giant bunches of chopped Swiss chard. It was FABULOUS! You do not even need any seasonings for this--the garlic and the flavors of the vegetables is enough. As far as the recipe title, this is how our conversation went:
Haze--What is this?
Jana--Um, not really sure--its not a real recipe, recipe.
Haze--"Is it a soup?"
Jana--"No it wasn't a real recipe--just a sort of suggestion."
Haze--"What is it then, it looks like soup?"
Jana--"I think it's just sort of a gathering of vegetables."
Haze--"Sure looks like soup to me."
He liked my title though--so now we call this non-recipe A Gathering of Vegetables. We give it an A+
Tasty Hummus: I love any kind of hummus--and this one is very tasty!! I added a bit more tahini and liquid than was required, and pureed the crap out of it in my VitaMix. Then I added some paprika on top. It is soooooooooo easy to make. And, you can spice it up however you like! Extra lemon, cayenne, herbs--it is really yummy any way you slice it. And, it was perfect as a side dish with the Gathering of Vegetables!! We gave it an A
The Strawberry Freeze was wonderful as usual. We have had this before. It is an A+ dessert. For Haze I made Chocolate "Ice Cream" (with the frozen bananas) and added some peppermint extract. He said it was his new favorite!
Pics are:A Gathering of Vegetables (my title for greens, onions, mushrooms, stewed tomatoes, and garlic)Tasty Hummus and VeggiesStrawberry Freeze and Chocolate/ Peppermint "Ice Cream"


Naina said...

Looking mighty tasty :) The (gathering of vegetables) is a beautiful dish. I'll be making that soon! I'm with Haze on that chocolate mint ice cream!
I know it was good! He's a blessed man. :)

Anonymous said...

Look absolutely delicious, can't wait for tomorrow's meals!

eloi said...

yum and yum that ice cream looks great, i'm like you and read the book a lot, but i've only tried a few of the recipes, am loving the 'gathering of vegetables' name, its something I make a lot, with a few variations of course.
LOVING your blog, am following it here and in the member to member.
can't wait for you next post.

Jana Diedrich said...

Hi Everyone--I love to read your comments! Thanks so much!! It's nice to know you are out there..

Julie said...

I have just discovered Dr. Furhman and am a little intimidated by some of the recipes. But you are making it look so easy and delicious. Now I can't wait to make them myself! Please keep it up. Thank you for doing this "project"!

Myra said...

Thanks for the idea. I made this dish and my husband and I absolutely loved it. We'll be making it again soon.

Jana Diedrich said...

Thank you all! I love to hear your thoughts--it inspires me to continue!!

Lesley said...

The ice cream you make looks great, and I've been considering buying a VitaMix for quite some time, but there are so many different models I'm not quite sure which to buy. Do you recommend a particular model?

Jana Diedrich said...

I think any of the Vita Mixes will work--it just has to be a high powered blender and all of them are. So I think you just choose your price range. Mine is not the most expensive one, but I have broken a few of them! But they replaced them for free. Just be careful to add wet ingredients first to get things moving and use cut up frozen fruit. They are worth every penny!!!