Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? Or read the book? Julie Powell became an internet celebrity with her 2004 blog recording her yearlong adventure cooking every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I am taking on a similar challenge, only I am blogging my way through a very healthy cookbook! And I will learn to master the art of healthy cooking! The book is called Eat For Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. I will cook every recipe start to finish in four weeks just as they are laid out in the book. I will write about the recipes, show you pictures, and tell you how my SAD (Standard American Diet) eating, carnivorous husband likes them too. (See archives below.) He is behind me 100%!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 10/ Phase 2/ Week 2

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for reading my blog, and for the comments!! A few people were worried about the giant Christmas mess and my husband definitely helped to clean up!! The food was great but I was actually happy to get back on track yesterday in the Eat For Health book. Even though the holiday dinner was ETL (Eat to Live is another book by Dr. Fuhrman and so "ETL" is how alot of people refer to his high-nutrient food plan)--it was very rich because of all the nuts added to everything. There is a line in the movie Julie and Julia where Julie's husband is asking her, "Now tell me again, WHY are you doing this?" And she replies that she needs a regimen in her life. When I heard that I thought to myself, yes that is exactly what I need! A regimen! A regulated system--a daily routine. So that is where this idea was born. And I admit--I have more time than your average person as I work from home and do not have children. But Dr. Fuhrman even says in his book that this menu plan is just to show you all of the different and beautiful meals you can put together. He is not advocating that you make a different dish for every meal. Most of the time you will have enough for leftovers. But for me, committing to this regimen is really helping me to grow some really healthy habits. Lots of these recipes I never even would have tried because they did not sound good enough to me. But I am so happy that I did because I have a whole new cache of recipes that I will definitely be making in the future! So here is what we had yesterday...

Blueberry Nut Oatmeal
So breakfast was really yummy! We used Steel Cut Oats (because we had them on hand and wanted to try them). They were chewier than regular oats--a nice change. I also added cinammon and vanilla to this recipe. It was very good! We gave it an "A"

Raw veggies with leftover dips
Turkey/ or veggie on sprouted wheat bread
Lunch was tasty--no real recipe. I made a huge salad and used the leftover dressings we had in the fridge. We also made a veggie sandwich with soy cheese.

Walnut-Pear Green Salad
Cuban Black Beans with Brown Rice
Dessert: Fruit and Nut Bowl
Oh My!! This could be my most favorite meal in the whole book so far!! Cuban Black Beans with Brown Rice. WOW. A+++ It calls for tomato juice and tomato sauce--I had neither so I used low sodium V-8 in place. I also used extra extra garlic and some Spike (a no-salt seasoning), and the San Marzano variety canned tomatoes. We served it with guacamole spiced up with jalepenos. Soooooo friggen good. This is a MUST TRY!! The salad was really incredible as well. It was made with Dr. Fuhrmans's Pear Vinegar (or you can just use another fruity type vinegar), currants, pears (I used half apples), and it was really tasty. A nice "sweet" next to the Cuban Beans. A+ meal!! For dessert, the recipe was supposed to be Fruit and Nuts, but we made Jenna's Peach Freeze. We had had plenty of fruit and nuts with the salad and wanted something cool (I sort of added alot of jalepenos to the guacamole!!) All in all it was a great day!!

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Anonymous said...

Why were you wearing that white hat on Christmas Eve? Just wondering. It looked good on you! And the lunch yesterday sounded interesting but what is soy cheese?

Jana Diedrich said...

Mom--It had snowed like 8 inches the night before and it was FREEZING cold that day. I took the dogs on a walk for about 2 hours before I started cooking--and just left my hat on! I also had on my snow pants and my snow boots in the pic!!