Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? Or read the book? Julie Powell became an internet celebrity with her 2004 blog recording her yearlong adventure cooking every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I am taking on a similar challenge, only I am blogging my way through a very healthy cookbook! And I will learn to master the art of healthy cooking! The book is called Eat For Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. I will cook every recipe start to finish in four weeks just as they are laid out in the book. I will write about the recipes, show you pictures, and tell you how my SAD (Standard American Diet) eating, carnivorous husband likes them too. (See archives below.) He is behind me 100%!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 5/ Phase 1/ Week 1

Hello! Hooray for Day 5!! There were some comments that I received telling me that I should have told Haze to take his healthy lunch to the restaurant and join his friends! And I tried to get him to do that but he would not. But all is well and he loves me again!! ha ha!! He laughed when he read the blog entry!! But as far as taking food to restaurants--I do it all the time too. I will bring brown rice if they do not have any, or whole grain bread/ tortillas etc. I'm not shy!! My purse is a leather backpack--and it will hold just about anything!

We were so happy that Day 5 fell on a Saturday--because it was a perfect Saturday night meal. I worked out at my Red Rocks Boot Camp ( http://jamieatlas.wordpress.com/all-about-atlas-boot-camps/ ) and Haze skiied all day and so we were both starving for dinner which was good because there was tons of good food! Here is what we had...

Blueberry Orange Smoothie
Oatmeal with leftover dessert
Well, we did not like the Smoothie so much. I think we are so used to my fruitshake that any other kind of tastes weird. The Blueberry Orange shake was kind too orangey for us. We gave it a C+. The oatmeal however, was spectacular! I just made regular oatmeal with some vanilla and cinammon, and then we poured the Mango Reisling dessert from the day before on top. Yum!! New recipe!!

Leftovers from the night before

Balsamic Mixed Greens with Apples
Dijon Chicken
Spaghetti Squash Primavera
Baked Potato Fries
California Creamed Kale
Lemon Zest Spinach
Let's just start with the grade--the entire dinner was an A+!!! Wow!! The salad dressing was so easy to make (balsamic, olive oil, fig preserves) and was a perfect topping for the greens and apples. Haze loved the Dijon Chicken--of course he commented that it "needed salt!" But really I think it is getting better for him. The Spaghetti Squash Primavera was really yummy--I think it tastes better than it looks! Make sure to follow Dr. Fuhrman's directions by mixing the squash with the pasta sauce because it made all the difference. I was supposed to make one or the other (Lemon Spinach or Creamed Kale) but I'm glad I made both of them. I thought the kale needed lemon so I kind of ate them both together and it was wonderful! Now I don't think I can ever make one without the other!

Jenna's Peach Freeze Ice Cream
If there was a score higher than A+ we would give it to Jenna's Peach Freeze! OMG it was soooooooooooooo good!! We put it in pretty little ceramic cups and ate it on the couch while watching Elf!! Just like a creamy bowl of peach ice cream!! Wow that was good!! If you do not own a Vita Mix, I'm telling you that it is worth every penny. I seriously use mine every single day if not twice a day!

What a great day of food! Can't wait to find out what is next!!


Fitness Insights said...

Hell yeAh jana! That peach ice cream looks mighty tasty ;) glad you had something to finish your tough day. Love these recipes keep em comin

Fitness Insights said...

Hell yeAh jana! That peach ice cream looks mighty tasty ;) glad you had something to finish your tough day. Love these recipes keep em comin